Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Boys with Big Boy Haircuts

We were looking pretty shaggy 
as we approached the big day

My mother in law informed me 


that Keegan was starting to look 
kind of girly
I even got these text pictures

while she was babysitting one day

They made me laugh 
and I got the message.

So we had a little haircut party in the kitchen. 
 and they didn't love it so much,

But I love that Keegan
doesn't look homeless
and neglected anymore
 (however I miss playing with the wild, curly, silky hair)

and that Collin's is now short enough

that we can spike that blondness right up

Big Boys with Big Boy Haircuts
Pretty cute huh?

1 comment:

Ruthykins said...

so cute! they're getting so big. and way to go with cutting their hair. that's not something i can do.