Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Discovery Park with the Family

I love that
in our little World
means so much more 
than just my brothers and sisters.

So when I say that the family went to the park
that means that


my sisters sister in law and her kids

Michael (pushing) and Carter (in Blue)
her brother and his kid

My sister

 and her husband 

Brynley Bug
 and kid


and my sister in law with her two kids

Jovan, Cali and Hayli
one of my very bestest friends and her kids

and Ryan 

 and I


and our kids went to the park,

oh, and one of Caden's friends from school.

Pretty safe to say we DOMINATED the park that day.
The weather was PERFECT and we had TONS of fun.
 Yay for the park in the springtime!

 P.S.- It is a really good thing
I decided not to bring my bow and arrows
or my horse
to the playground
because they are NOT allowed
This sign seriously cracked me up

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Amy Bagaso Williams said...

We are one big family aren't we! That was a great trip to the park. The kids had so much fun....and let's face it, so did I. Didn't Holly say she got a pic of me on the tire swing with Si? I'd love to have it! I'm gonna steal the pics of my boys from this post for my blog...since my camera wasn't cooperating that day! Thanks for the post.