Monday, March 28, 2011

31 and a little bit of Voodoo Magic

 So no one really believed me
when I said I didn't really want anything,
and I didn't really want to do anything
for my birthday.

A relaxing day 
In my clean house,
with nothing to do
and no where to go
with good food
and a good movie 
sounded so nice.

Ryan kept trying to decide if this was a trick
and if he was going to be in big trouble 
if he didn't plan or do something elaborate.

I really meant it.

So he made me this chicken black bean salad 
I had been craving
and as his gift to me
(I begged him not to spend money)
He said that he would watch all the seasons of this tv show
I have been begging him to watch with me
(and that he has been avoiding like the plague)
and he would not complain
and he would TRY to like it.
(he has totally followed through)
and I have loved hanging out with him 
and watching the show again myself 

I thought it was the best gift EVER
and I was so excited.

Jovan made me some delish Tortilla soup 
and the brownies that we used for my  cake
since I insisted I didn't need a cake.

She also got us tickets to see 
in concert.
Oh my
I LOVE Reba!
I have since I was a little girl
and she knows it
We are going to have SO MUCH FUN at that concert.
I can't wait!

I also got books
(that I am already almost finished with and love)
and perfume
that was supposed to be a funny joke,
but that I actually love the smell of
and a gift card to the 
Nook and Cranny
(which we all know from previous posts)

and another amazing present arrived the next morning

(Good things do indeed come in pink boxes)

the donuts were part of it,

and a lovely part they were.

The maple bars with bacon were AMAZING
I do not lie about such things.

and I liked every one that I tried.

So did the kids

They are only found in Portland
( featured in People magaizine this week as some of the best ever!)

But the realy prize was how they were delivered.

Holly, Cory and Brynley 
Drove them down to me from Oregon
and stayed for the week for their spring break.

another of
my best birthday presents ever!
(I got a lot of those this year)
of course I have almost no pics of them
and the ones I do have are coming soon.

What an amazing day! 
I have such good friends and family.
Thanks to them all
and to all the facebookers that left me messages. 
I loved it.


Bernie and Doll said...

It hasn't even been 24 hours since we left....miss you already!

TwinkleBee said...

You deserve all things good! I want hand delivered donuts!?! You look gorgeous in your birthday photo. Seriously gorgeous you skinny B. The hair, makeup, outfit- I just might print out this pic and frame it in my house somewhere.
Love you!

Ruthykins said...

what an awesome day!

Emily said...

I'm so glad you had a great day! okay, I love your play list... sometime it's better than Pandora and I pull up your blog and just to listen to it! :)

Megan said...

Sorry I was a slacker on FB and forgot to say Happy Birthday! It sounded like a great one. I'm glad you're doing well!