Monday, November 22, 2010

You're looking at what?

I posted my last post
with this adorable picture

of this darling baby
by this beautiful tree
and my sister makes this comment.

He is so adorable!
What's with the chair from the 50's?

Don't get me wrong I love pink and yellow flower chairs,
I've just never seen one in your house before ;)
N&C find?

Okay, I guess lets forget the baby in the middle for two seconds
How could you even see the chair in the back?

I had to blow up the picture
to even see the corner of it

that you could barely see
and I know what it looks like.

So to you Rachie Coray
I say this

Are you mocking my chair?
My $5 dollar, darling, garage sale chair?
You better check yourself before you wreck yourself girl...
Kidding, but...
I love it.

It is relatively new to me,
and I am just waiting for the perfect fabric to grab me
before I replace the yellow brown and pink shiny, vinyl
that crinkles and rustles when you sit on it.

It doesn't currently match the front room
but has the cutest shape
and is so comfy I couldn't resist.
Do I need to repeat myself?

Ryan had a similar reaction
and actually asked
if we had to even bring it through the door
let alone put it in the front room.

but I will have you know,
two people offered me $10
before I could even drag it to my car
and several since
have asked me to call them if I want to sell it
This chair evidently brings out extreme emotions in people
they really love it
or really don't

Mock me if you must
I really love it.
Just imagine those buttons replaced with amazing vintage ones
Any fabric suggestions?

This teaches me
to focus on the cute baby in the middle
instead of the obscure peek
of the ugly chair in the background

P.S. The amazing honeycomb quilt
on the quilt rack in the background
(in case you are looking in the background like my sister)
is also a $5 garage sale find
Hand pieced
Hand quilted

Find of the year I am sure
Major Score.

The chair will look lovely beside it when I done with it.


Kristi said...

Should be make up a song? Meet me in Indy, Indy meet me at the ...Hoosier Dome? :) Let's make it a date! I'm so sorry about he croupe, and I love your vintage chair find. I totally support your $5 purchase. I personally think you would have been a fool to pass it up. :)

Kasi Good said...

I'd pay you $25 for it. I think it's adorable.

Ruthykins said...

well, i didn't notice the chair in the original post, but now that i see it in all its glory i love it! if you are going to recover it retro style fabrics would be nice. maybe you could redo all the furniture in that room and then they will all match and you can do anything you want.

jessiewessie said...

I thought you had taken the photo and some grandparents house =) The narley fabric on the chair and the quilt behind it sorta looks like they belong in a nursing home. Separate, I think they both rock and am jealous you found that quilt. Oh, and I did also notice the cute baby =)

Bernie and Doll said...

Love the chair, quilt, and the BABY! Kiss those pink cheeks for me!

Eva Marie said...

the chair is going to look amazing!