Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Need a good laugh?

Our family night treat was Popsicles

They had riddles on the sticks.

To be silly I read mine out loud to Ryan

Caden looked confused
and Ryan said he didn't know


Caden still didn't get it
But wanted Ryan to read his

Before I could even guess
Caden yells


Where in the crap did that come from?
Cracked me up.
The real answer was

Kenna had no idea what was going on
but Ryan and I were laughing so hard
from the Greg comment
that she wanted in
so she handed hers to me

Caden thought for a minute and said

I liked his answer
even better than the real one

Which was

Of course Cohen,
who was laughing
just because the rest of us were laughing,

but still didn't get it
handed over his stick

and of course,
with his literal little 6 year old mind
Caden says

That bird was banging on the tree so loud...

Who even thinks the real answer is funny anymore?

It never occurred to me before
that the "real" answers
to the riddles that my kids came up with
could be even funnier
than the play on words answer.

I am so looking forward to the rest of the Popsicle box!

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