Sunday, November 21, 2010

Its unfortunately that time of year...

The time when

Where we go from
Happy Tree Decorating

to feverish, restless, sleep

to being bundled up
for the croup walk
around the neighborhood.

To try and alleviate
some of the barking cough
and the raspy breathing.

To try to get through the night
with even a hint
of sleep

Until we can make it in to the doctor tomorrow.

But doesn't my little sicky
look pretty cute
with his fever pinked cheeks
and hat askew.

He finally conked
on the second turn around the culdesac.

I should dive into my bed this minute
and try to get some shut eye
before my next turn around the neighborhood
in the falling snow.
Aproximately two hours from now.

Poor Kenna had her turn on the croup walk
yesterday and the day before
and seems to be getting better today
Hopefully the other three escape it.
I'm praying fervently that the other three escape it.


Jamie Moyer said...

I feel ya on this one! All three of my boys get croup at least once a year, and it's awful! Hope the rest of your crew steers clear.

Ruthykins said...

my son and i both have coughs, but that's as bad as we are. sickness is the only thing i don't like about this time of year.

riosfamily said...

Wow Andi!!! Am I ever impressed!!!! You have your tree already up?!! I'll have to come see!!!

Be careful you don't go into's that time of year!!! Love Ya!!

TwinkleBee said...

He is so adorable! WHat's with the chair from the 50's? Don't get me wrong I love pink and yellow flower chairs, I've just never seen one in your house before ;) N&C find?

P.s. I love this blogging thing you've been doing, love reading updates!