Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playing Christmas Catch Up

So its half a month late,
but how could Christmas go by
without some pictures on the blog?

The kids were all kinds of excited
Not going to lie,
so was I.

Holly and Cory and Miss B
came over on Christmas Eve for some
Comfy Couch Movie Watching
and some Chicken Pasta Salad
in our new PJ's.

We passed on the cookie making this year
because I was so tired
I couldn't do one more thing
Next year Dad, I promise
we"ll keep the tradition alive.

Santa came

and the kids
were thrilled

They didn't really want to look at me
when there were so many presents to check out

Ryan with his Audience
opening the most anticipated gift of the morning
They were bursting for him to see it
and see if he loved it.
I think they told him what it was
before the wrapping was even off.
I'm kind of proud of them for holding it for that long.
(It deserves its own post the story is so precious)

sporting his new Ben 10 Omnitrix

Showin off some Cougar Pride
He walked around shouting
Go Cougars
all morning
and was devastated when he got it wet
and we had to take it off.

Somehow I missed a picture of
opening her
Ariel Barbie
but the shriek was ear piercing
and we had to open the box up immediately.

Then we got dressed
(well, put shoes on with out PJ's)
and headed to Grandma's House
More fun, and more presents.

Then we hurried home to get ready for
on our new sleds.

Mac, Rachel, and Vienna
Holly, Cory, and Brynley
Philip and Laura

Ryan's brother and sister
Aaron and Tiffany
all braved the cold and headed out.

We told Tiffany
that she looked entirely too beautiful
to be sledding with our hodge podge group
She just laughed and told us to knock it off.
Then went flying down the hill with Kenna in her lap.

I would have taken more pictures,
but it was dang cold,
and I had to take off my gloves to take pictures
so I gave up after a few
in order to keep all ten of my fingers
safe from frostbite.

Fun was had by all
but it was a long day

so after leaving Barbie to guard her wiggle car
and putting on her Cinderella Nightie

Kenna conked out on the couch
while watching Dad play his new XBox 360 game.

I don't know
if there ever was a cuter princess.

Cohen fought it
but he was wiped out too.

What a perfect day.

Lots of family.
Lots of fun.
Lots of good food.
Lots of love.

I love Christmas.


Natalie said...

Thank you for posting some Christmas pics. I am sad that we couldn't be there, but it looks like you guys had fun. I hope we will be able to come visit for spring break in April. Love you guys!

kim said...

It does look like you had a fun Christmas! Your kids are so adorable! hope you're feeling ok.

Bernie and Doll said...

that pic of Princess B cracks me up! She looks really "HAPPY"

Kristi said...

looks like a near perfect Christmas to me. sigh, i need to pull myself together and do our post. i've been getting e-mails from relatives...

Taska said...

Wow that was very cute. Thanks!