Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I lied, but let me explain...

I told Holly that I have been too busy to blog.
I lied.
I used to make time.
I am just tired.
I'm not too busy,
I am just too tired.

So here is my reattempt
to not be too tired
for the important things.


playing transformers in the under the table fort.

Kenna and Cohen have reached the age
where they will take themselves off to play for bits of time.
Lovely break,
and highly entertaining to snoop on.

and fun moments like,

watching Avatar in IMAX 3D.

Philip (my computer guru brother)
convinced us that this was the ONLY way
to really see Avatar.

He was right
(he usually is)

It was really amazing
on the IMAX screen
with the super expensive ($70) IMAX 3D glasses.
An alarm went off
if you walked too far out the theatre doors with them on.

This was some serious business.
I would get so into the movie
I would forget I had them on
Then I would look over at Ryan
and chuckle because
we looked like such idiots.

I have also been trying not to be too tired to
work on some of the projects that have been piling up.

Like the Block of the Month
Quilting thing.

I paid to do it,
so I need to not procrastinate getting them done.

Cohen just dumped an entire gallon
of apple juice

all over my kitchen floor.

Emptied the whole kitchen towel drawer
trying to clean it up himself,
then splashed through the puddle
and tracked apple juice footprints
all the way across the kitchen
and onto the carpet
to tell me he spilled.

This is his face while asking if he can come out of time out.

See why I am tired?

There is also this excuse,

but it makes me feel like a whiner
to pull this one out.

26 weeks this week.

When I went in to the perinatologist
they gave us these pictures

Baby A Profile

Baby A sucking his thumb

Two baby heads
Side by Side

Baby B looking right at us

Baby B looking at us again
this time sporting the Alien Look

and she told me that even though on that day
I was only 25 weeks and 1 day

Baby A
was measuring 26 weeks and 3 days
and weighed 1 lb 15 oz


Baby B
was measuring 25 weeks and 2 days
and was 1lb 10 oz

both bigger than the average single baby at this point
and both bigger than my due date.

Huge babies.

My OB then proceded to tell me at my appointment
2 days later
that my belly was measuring 31 weeks
(or what would be 31 weeks with a single)
even though I was only 25 weeks.

I told Ryan
and bless his heart
he said
"But, you don't look that bi..., well..."
"Honey, I think you look fine"

I really look that big.
Pictures are deceiving.
I am that big.

I sent the picture to my dad
and he said I should keep the mirror
because it was flattering.

Meaning what?
Not lookin so hot in real life?
Yeah, I got it.

One more time.
Suddenly I don't care if its whiny,
I'm using it.

See why I'm tired?

I'm hoping by tomorrow I will get over the tired whining
and have the energy to post something fun.
We shall see.


Ruthykins said...

double duty would wipe out anybody. remember in young women's when our leader was pregnant with twins? she was on bed rest.

kissypoohporter said...

no excuses needed here!!! i think you are handling everything wonderfully!! and i think you look amazing!!

i'll be honest...i'm jealous of your "twin belly"...

don't let those people get to you!!!

plus all these pictures just give you ammunition against the little "angels" later when they're running around screaming and driving you crazy! you can tell they have to be nice b/c of what they've already put you through!!!

oh...i love ya honey!!

Kasi said...

FYI, I think you look absolutely AMAZING. Seriously. I've never looked that cute pregnant.

jessiewessie said...

WHERE'S YOUR BUTT!! NO FAIR!! You look amazing. So did your kid call my kid cuz this morning Seth dumped a whole gallon of milk on the living room carpet because, "I wanted a puddle to jump in". Awesome. Then after being at my friends house and bragging how good Seth's doing at potty training he Pooped in his undawears. Grrrrr.

ambyr said...

oh my preciousness, those babies look so yummy!!! they look so plump!!! I love it!!! you look sooooo good btw!!! look amazing. are you feeling good?!! are you ready for this?!! are they both boys for sure??? YAY!!!!! love ya!!!

Bernie and Doll said...

Ok...let me set the record straight.... You look AMAZING in PERSON too! i Should know! i get to see you almost everyday! its not the mirror! You look FAB! and coco chub...what can we say...forget the apple juice and pull the memory of the hickies on his forehead from the swimming goggles... yup...brings a smile to your face! Love You, You FAB looking, tired, busy, twin carrying, woman!

Brittany and Johnse said...

U earned your excuses! use them as often as you want especially the TWIN factor one!! :)

Megan said...

Seriously, I don't know how you're doing it! Pull out the twin card all you want. And be sure to rest. You don't need to be productive and get things done. RELAX! It's hard being pregnant with just one, I can't imagine two. And you do look good!!!

Sarah Damaska said...

Hey-- You now have less than 100 days to go . . . that's a HUGE accomplishment!! I can't believe you get to kiss TWO sweet fuzzy heads in a few months. So fun. Miss you!

Kristi said...

okay, your Dad's comment is hilarious. so your Dad. :) and it's crazy how much you have going on in your body right now!!! did the doctor give you any idea when he thinks the babies might come?