Monday, January 4, 2010

23 weeks

This was last week
at 23 weeks.

Don't worry,
I'm even bigger this week.

Baby Center says
that they are just over a pound each
and 12 inches long this week.

I have my next ultrasound
on January 12, in one week.
We'll have to see
if they are both boys
again this time,
or if we have a new combo.

Caden asked me the other day
why I always come to get him from school
in my pajamas

(I don't every day! Just the days I don't work)
I told him that I like to be comfy.
He said
"Oh, cause the babies are making you fat huh?"

Yep, the babies are making me fat.


I've decided to embrace it though
and maybe make a t-shirt that says

Yes, Its Twins
No, Not Going to Pop Any Day

and wear it proudly every time I'm in public.


Randi said...

good for you! You really should make that shirt ha. Sure that belly pokes out, but everywhere else you look great! By the way, I always wear my pj pants since I work at home now.. why not!? Comfort first! Right!? :)

Kasi said...

1. you look adorable 2. please, please, please make that shirt.

Sara Newton said...

you're awesome. Keep it up!

PS. Grace and I both wear our pajamas when we take Michael to school in the mornings. It's just easier that way.

Angela said...

i'd expect you to be bigger. there are TWINS in there! i can't imagine how huge i'd be if i had twins. you look awesome!!! kids say the darndest don't they? lol...

Ruthykins said...

i also love the shirt idea. let us know if the babies still look like boys. good luck with everything!

kim said...

You look great Andi!

TwinkleBee said...

Hahahahahahahaha!!! Make the shirt! Make the dang shirt! You are so funny! I'm a proud supporter. hahaha. Caden is so cute :)

Kristi said...

oh you should so make that shirt. i bet you could sell them on TwinkleBee--i'd buy one next time around. :)

philip+anne said...

hearing you andi! i was going to invest in a whole wardrobe that said: i am due at the end of january, no i do not know what i am having! :)

Erickson Family said...

While you're at it could you make one for my next pregnancy that says "NO, it's NOT twins. YES, I am SURE! NO, I am not going to "pop" any day. SHEESH PEOPLE!!!"