Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Moon and the Ninja Turkey

You know when you try really hard
to do something cool,
and you just miss it,
or it takes hours
instead of presto there you go.

Caden had to disguise his Turkey
and take it back to school.

What else in the world would you make a turkey
besides a Ninja

Caden could not think of anything else.

This fun little project
took forever.

Its hard to cut a garbage bag
into a Ninja costume
that fits onto a turkey.

Mission accomplished
Pat on the back for me,

(after an hour and a half of cursing under my breath)

we thought
(Holly and I)
that embroidering New Moon shirts
wouldn't be that hard

get a couple of shirts,
throw them together
wear them to the movie
you know
Presto chango.


Mess ups
went through 6 shirts
to end up with three

Kim said
she preferred to think Jacob
couldn't keep his hands off her
while she was wearing this
(Thanks for trying to make us feel better Kim)

that we did not sew through
punch holes in
that were not crooked across the chest area
thus drawing undo attention.

I kept mine simple
for shear fear
that I anymore would mess it up further
and result in a do over

Pat on the back for Holly
(a little one for me)
for finally getting it right

and making the dang shirts
to wear to the dang movie.

there is no one
I would rather curse with under my breath
than you.
While trying to figure out our crazy hair brained schemes
that always seem so simple
in the beginning.


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Bernie and Doll said...

HAHAHAHA! They DO always start out "simple"....NEVER end up that way! :) I shutter at the thought of the four FABULOUS "Magician capes"...shutter! Mac was worth it and you definitely saved the day on that one!