Thursday, December 3, 2009

Logan turns 3 and Family Picture Attempts

This little guy
(our cousin)

had a big birthday party
to celebrate turning
the ripe old age of 3

He lives in Nephi
(his mom is Ryan's sister)
and we all were invited
to make the trek down to celebrate.

My kids loved it.
What was not to love

(Logan's sister)
entertained us all
with her superior chugging skills
(it was water, but she didn't care, she WANTED it)

Ryan's mom decided
that while we were all there
(all except Natalie and Family)
we should all take family pictures.
All of us in a tiny little room.
(can you tell how Logan felt about being taken from the party?)

Stephanie and Aliyah

Aaron, Grandpa Joe, Grandma Sandra, Steven, and Tiffany

Jake, Logan, Melanie, and Riley

and remember
my family's dysfunction?

in that is not possible for all of us to look at the camera
or have a semi normal look on our faces
all at the same time.
Cute huh?
Yeah, not really.

the cupcakes were excellent
and the pinata candy was too

fun was had by all
(just obviously not during the picture taking)

We can't wait
to go back to visit
Mel and Jake's new house
just not in the middle of snow storm this time please.


Ruthykins said...

your family must have all the great parties! they always look so wonderful!

kim said...

Your family pictures turned out great. I think your family is so cute with such "personality". You look great too by the way!