Saturday, December 13, 2008

We're Dreaming of a White Christmas

Its almost Christmas right? December? Then why can't it look like this outside? Hats and mittens needed, cheeks rosy with cold, noses dripping snot...

Or like this? Bundled up warm and cozy, taking a peek at the snow falling.

Or like this? Driveway shoveling needed. Before it turns from snow to ice

And if can't be snowing...

Why can't it look like this? Sunshine, swimming suits, kiddie pool hair.

Or like this? Good buddies with their shirts off and their "gobbles" on.

Or like this? Nap in the shade on a sandy beach after a long day of playing.

Instead it looks like this. Leaves dead and falling off. Not pretty anymore.

Dead grass, bare trees and over cast skies. Blah.

Here in Lehi we're dreaming of a White Christmas.

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TwinkleBee said...

Girl you're such a good blogger, I LOVE reading your posts. Keep em coming! I'm so glad you blog now, you're so fun to read! I laughed and laughed at "gobbles" Your kids say the funniest things! Love yoU!