Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Angels

Ever since my post on Saturday when we thanked Santa for the snow, (Thank you again!) my kids have been begging to play in the snow.
The problem on Saturday was that we didn't get very much snow, so there wasn't really anything to play in.
They didn't get it.

Last night however, we finally got snowed on for real.

Kenna woke me up by patting my face over and over so that I would get up and look out the window because it "snowded."

(Her cheeks turn this pink at the slightest sign of heat, or cold or anger, or excitement. She's going to hate it when she is old enough to understand being embarrassed!)

We had lots of errands, and then nap time and then a miracle happened.

Uncle Aaron (who is 13) came over to play in the snow.
This meant that all the pressure was off of me to play in the snow.

It took 20 minutes to get Caden and Kenna all outfitted. (mostly due to Kenna and her mittens. She could not for the life of her understand that the thumb went in the thumb whole, or for that matter, what the thumb whole was. Grrr...)

Then they were off to play on Uncle Aaron's sleds.

Cohen watched them walk out the door and immediately burst into tears and started wailing "Go! Go!" Translation- I want to go to!
So we rounded up a hodge podge of outgrown snow stuff and off he went too.

I got to be the photographer.
What a cush job huh?

How Kenna learned to make snow angels, I do not know, but man she was a pro.
That is all she did for twenty minutes.
She was very selective about location as well.

She would walk around until she found a fresh patch of unblemished snow,
then plop straight down on her bottom,
fall back,
and start waving her arms and legs
"Like a Crazy,"
as Caden would say.

I really wish it hadn't been too dark for the video to work. It was hilarious.
Snow flying in all directions.

got in on the snow angel action as well.

Cohen tried, but ended up covered in snow which he then began to lick off his mittens.
He was all wet and shivering so I decided he was done.
Obviously he didn't think so.
He screamed and kicked and tried to throw himself out of my arms all the way in.

As soon as he was undressed he gave me his evil eye temper tantrum.
Notice the folded hands. This means he is very mad.
(I think. He doesn't actually talk. When he does this, however, if you try to talk to him, or touch him, he screeches, stomps his feet, refolds the hands and gives you the "eye" again.)
He is clearly saying "Don't mess."

The only Not Fun part about this was the aftermath.
Wet soggy clothes and shoes covering my entry.
I probably won't clean them up anyway.
They are calling for even more snow tomorrow.
I'm sure I will be recruited back to snow duty.
So whats the point.


Kristi said...

Connor's dying for snow here so he can make snow angels that we read about in a book. I don't have the heart to tell him it's a far cry here in balmy North Carolina. So every night I tell him, "I don't know, maybe tomorrow." What a lame Mom I am.

ambyr said...

totally didn't know you had a blog!!!! What's up woman!!! It's been FOREVER since I saw you guys!!!! Well, like 3 years, but still!! How are you? Looks like yall are loving the snow! I actually kins miss those days:( just the snow, not being FREEZING!) Your kids are so cute!! love ya!

Little Lady ~ Bug said...

it's so fun to watch your kids grow up. I'm glad they like the snow, maybe I should bring Addison over and let her try it out with your crew, maybe then she would like it. Looks like they had lots of fun!