Monday, December 15, 2008

As my friend Megan would say "CURSE WORD!"

So at my company party, (which was fun because I sat with my friends the nurses and not because the party was actually that fun) I won this candle thing in the raffle. I was not that excited because I invested a small fortune in the Sentsy candle warmer thing, and this seemed similar, but my scentsy is way cuter. See?

It was called a Candle Breeze. Evidently they are "THE THING" this season in Utah. See below.

Whatever. I am all for my house smelling good, instead of like the million poopy diapers that I change every day, so I plugged it in and hid it behind this huge platter thing that I have on an easel In my formal living room..

I didn't want the kids to find it. You see, they would make a mess for sure!

The scent that came with my Candle Breeze was cinnamon. You can all imagine what color that wax is. Imagine a whole bag of Brach's Cinnamon Red Hots all melted in a little metal tin. It did smell lovely. Like those Cinnamon Pine cones that make all craft stores smell so good at Christmas time. I thought...hmmm...maybe this Candle Breeze isn't so bad. It has this little fan in it that blows the scent of the wax around.

So I set this little reindeer candle holder on the table next to said platter.

The easel holding the platter broke. No, didn't tip over, the metal actually broke in two.
The platter hit the cursed Candle Breeze and red hot red cinnamon wax was splattered EVERYWHERE.

I upon occasion curse. I'm not going to lie and say I don't. But I don't generally curse at the top of my lungs over and over. Ryan came running.
He automatically asked which one of the kids did it. I couldn't even pass the buck. It was me, well, the damn easel, but me.

It looked like a bloody CSI crime scene on my white walls and very light beige carpet.

I just wanted to turn, and walk away, and go to bed, and pretend that it was going to be gone in the morning. Instead I cursed, and got to work.

Ryan got the iron and the paper towels and then we realized that we had lent the wax paper to a neighbor, so he drove to his moms house and got wax paper. We used a whole roll of paper towels trying to absorb the wax out of the carpet.

For future reference for all of you, if you get wax all over your walls and carpet ( I don't recomend this!) The old paper towels and wax paper trick works on walls as well as carpet.

A magic eraser got most of the pink left after the wax off the walls, but the carpet is forever scarred. Less shocking a red perhaps, but yeah.

A nice reminder of the day that obscenities abounded in the Price Home.

Thanks alot Megan, for saying this thing was so cool! I knew then that I should have just given it to you on the spot. This post, and the use of the phrase "Oh Curse Word" is dedicated to you.


Brittany and Johnse said...

ha ha ha! oh my Andi, i was laughing out loud when i was reading this! That sucks so least Ryan was there to help and it DID come out! Note to not get the candle breeze thing!

Bernie and Doll said...

oh roll on the floor laughing! me and cory thank you for the good entertainment!

Caitlin said...

That sucks! I'm glad it came out... I can't wait til you post your snow pictures. We had so much fun today!

Kim Luck said...

Wow-I bet that was a pain in the be-hind to clean up. I was laughing at your post though!

Megan said...

you are so funny! and I'm sorry I didn't see this until today (your email got sent to my junk mail and I just found it)

It's Murphy's Law that I hype the candle breeze all up for you and then it ruins your house! I'm so sorry!

Erickson Family said...

Same thing totally happened to me when we lived at our condo in Orem. Only it was a bright pink Salt City candle and I was frustrated at something and slammed the front door so hard that a picture hanging on the wall above my entertainment center, where the candle was sitting and had been burning for probably hours, came crashing down and sent the candle jar spiraling. It was EVERYWHERE! Even on the ceiling and on the wall behind the tv! The paper towel/wax paper trick does work really well and LUCKY for me we had pink carpet! LOL ha ha ha!!!!!
p.s. why does UT always have to have "a thing".
p.p.s. how much do u love living in UT?! :P