Monday, September 8, 2008

Learning Curve

So, my sister created this blog for me, named it, put pictures on it, showed me the web address for it, and then did not show me how to use it. So I had a blog, but could not blog. I wasn't too concerned, even though I have people ask me all the time what my blog is, until a friend at work showed me one of the best blogs I have ever seen. It is I don't know the lady, but I am addicted to her blog, and to her view of the world. Her little girl drowned in their hot tub in June, she was 14 months old. This lady started blogging three months before her little girl died and so she has a daily journal of her kids and pictures and memories, things that would be so easily forgotten, but are so important. So here I am. I am not expecting to die...and I can't imagine losing a child, but what a cool way to remember the day to day. So here I am blogging. And hopefully I will be able to capture and remember my kids while they are still so little.

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