Monday, September 8, 2008

do you laugh? do you correct?

My first two kids are talkers. From about 18 months on they spoke in sentences, by 2 they spoke in paragraphs. They even talk in their sleep. Their pronunciation is great they know lots of words and when they want to be heard, they let you know. Every once in a while they say words that crack me up. I never correct them, maybe I should, but I think it is so cute. Caden would always say, "Mom, you gotfor to get me a drink." I would respond "I forgot" and he would nod and say "yes, mom, that's what I said, you gotfor to get it for me."

My kids love bugs, and we have a lot of them here in Lehi and lately their favorite are grasshoppers. They watch them and poke at them and then laugh and scream when they jump. The kids were eating popsicles on the patio and Kenna started screaming like something was eating her alive. I dropped the dishes that I was putting away and ran out the kitchen door thinking she fell off the slide or the swings. I got out there and asked her what was wrong. She said, "look mom, an ass gropper." I was laughing so hard I couldn't even be mad at her for scaring years off of my life.

Cohen, my baby, unlike the other two, is 18 months and says not a word. Well, unless you count baoo which is baloon and only when in extreme pain or stuck somewhere will he say mama, mama. He points at things and says dis,dis, dis. Dis means, I like it, I hate it, I want it, I can't see it, she took it, I want a drink, pick me up. And when you correctly interpret the dis, he will nod and nod and nod and give you a big cheesy grin to let you know that you got it or a screach and a dis dis dis and shaking his head no if you guessed wrong. I have tried ignoring him until he says the word, I have tried baby sign language, I have tried repeating the word over and over, and all i get is dis, dis dis, and occasional tss, tss. I wondered if he could not hear, but he answers questions and points when you ask where is kenna, where is caden where is daddy, where is cohen's room, where is the fridge. When you tell him to get a cup or diaper or his jammies he runs and gets exactly what you are looking for, and he will answer questions with an appropriate nod or shake. I am constantly thrown off by the fact that he doesn't talk at all.

Cohen doing the "DIS" face

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