Monday, March 15, 2010

Showin the Love

The only Valentines we got in the mail
were from Grandpa Rick and Grandma Becky

And man, were they a hit.

because they came in the mail.
because there was a gold dollar attached to each one of them
Because they were good for one free donut
Because anything from Grandpa Rick and Grandma Becky
is priceless.

We called Holly up
and had her Bring Bryn to meet us
(she got a valentine too!)

And lucky us
The Hot Now Sign was on
when we pulled up

The kids were so enthralled with watching the process
we had to drag them away
to actually get the donuts.

They didn't get it that they got to pick one,
and that they got a hot one for free.

Kenna lost it
because we promised her one with chocolate
and the lady handed her a glazed one as well.

She did NOT WANT the one without chocolate.
I assured her that I would eat the "other one"
and then she was fine
and so was I
oh so was I

Cohen was thrilled with his "geen one"

And Caden was just excited in general

that we went out on a school night

that we got to use our valentines from Grandma and Grandpa

that the valentines included donuts

that we got some extra donuts for breakfast the next day

and that the girls sat at a completely different table
so that he could call his table the man table.

Thank You Grandpa Rick and Grandma Becky
We love to feel loved by you!


ambyr said...

how dare you.... I just talked to you today about how good I've been and how freaking HARD this is...and all I want now is a krispy kream donut. I can already taste the sugar....

Ruthykins said...

that is so nice! the man table cracks me up!

Kristi said...

what a day! excuse me, i need to go eat a doughnut now...