Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today was one of those...

Woke up and guzzled Glucola
tried not to puke
Then got the kids up
Took kids to school.

Fabulous sister draws my blood for my glucose screening
from the comfort of my own couch.
(That is one major perk
of having the world's best phlebotomist as a sister)
(That and she never misses my veins...ever)

Kickin it in my jammies
when coworker calls and convinces me that no longer
can I put off my CNA Test
(Its been a year since I took the class)
Decide to study study study so I can go with her and take it tonight.

Shower for me
Then shower for Cohen
Thene studying for me
interrupted every few seconds
with requests for a new show, or juice, or potty time.

Get kids from school
Pizza for lunch at Costco
with Holly, Caitlin, Rachel, and all the kids.
then grab a few things and head out

Perinatologist appointment for monthly check.
Find out on the way
that bloodwork came back
low on iron,
no wonder I am tired,
high on sugar
crap, have to take the long glucose test.

Late for appointment
studying in the lobby
Weird and quiet ultrasound tech
not friendly.
Does a dopler on Baby B's umbilical cord
Thats new
Doesn't do one on Baby A
Make me a little worried?

Perinatologist comes in.
Fabulous smart funny woman
who I instantly like

she tells me that Baby B is small,
not gaining weight like it should
and not keeping up with Baby A
and that she's trying to decide
whether or not to freak out
(this makes me freak out)

Measures some more
says meet her in her office.

Says Baby B's weight is sufficient enough
that she isn't freaking out today

She wants me to come back in two weeks
at which point she will freak out
if baby isn't growing better.


Freaking out

Steroid shots
Hospital Bed Rest
Probable Early delivery


Driving home from appointment
and car breaks
banging, squealing, grinding
while trying not to cry on phone with dad.
Much mental cursing and frustration
Drive to Holly's at 5 mph
Promptly scare her to death
by walking in the door and bursting into tears

Husband comes to get me and kids at Holly's
Follow him in Camry while he drives van 5 mph
to the fix it shop
Kids fighting and begging for free hot chocolate
while husband tries to explain what happened

No test for me today
Too much stress and not enough study
Major Headache from crying
and exhausted.
Lovely Husband makes dinner for the kids
and lets me crash on the couch.

Wake up from snooze
Still major headache
Help brush everyone's teeth
husband carries everyone to bed.

So tired,
and out of Tums
(which are essential to survival and sleep)
and milk
(which is essential to my children's morning happiness
and therefore my morning happiness)
Husband (who is super hero of the day)
drives to the store to save us
and he took the day off tomorrow
so I didn't have to stress about kids and babysitters
and getting to work at 7am.

where I will hopefully
slide into dreamless oblivion for 7.5 hours
(not likely)
but first
lots of prayers.
thank you
because today could have been worse
and please help me
because tomorrow has GOT to be BETTER!


ThisIsMyLife said...

...praying for a better day!...

Bernie and Doll said...

You are MY SUPER HERO! I LOVE YOU and those little wigglers in your belly! Praying that Mr "B" starts getting some of that extra glucose and chubs up! Sorry for my grumps today that probably didn't add to the "fun" day you were having! and Props to Mr. Price for saving the day! Love you Both!

Natalie said...

I wish that I could be up there to help you with the kids. I hope everything is okay with Baby B. Let me know when you find out.

Rachel said...

Hope today was better . . . .

Ruthykins said...

i hope that both your babies grow healthily. maybe they can get blessings.

Megan said...

Sorry Andi. I hope things start looking up . . . and fast. I'm glad you have so many wonderful friends/family/husband to take care of you. Things will get better.

kim said...

Good luck Andi with the babies in the tummy. Will be praying that baby will grow in the next 2 weeks.

Jamie Moyer said...

Ugh! What a day! I'm praying for you and the babies, especially
mr. b! Keep letting that husband of yours pamper you...I always told my husband, "Growing a baby is hard work!" You are "growing" two, take it easy sister!

Sarah Damaska said...

Those glucose tests are horrible . . . but when you are at that point, you know you're close! Praying, praying, praying for you and those sweet babies. You can do this!

BBB said...

Oh dear. Try to relax. The stress won't help Baby B much. I will pray.

Angela Okada said...

So sorry about your day. I hope the next day was better and that Baby B is OK. Thinking and praying for you. Loves

Taska said...
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Taska said...

I hope that this week is going better for you. And your babes are going to be okay, I just know it. Hang in there my poor tired sister!!
Call me if you need anything...please!
Love ya!

Kristi said...

we're waiting to hear how everything goes with the next ultrasound. just so you know, i've had awful, horrible, cry your guts out, being led to believe my child might not make it out of the womb alive (with both kids) and next ultrasound...hey look at that, there is a right kidney after all...stupid technicians. :) love...

Erickson Family said...

I beg to slightly differ....my HUSBAND is the BEST phlebotomist in the world. LOL!
Actually, though, when I was in labor with Tatum, he was working in the pathology lab for Queens Hosp in HI and the dang nurse, who had a chip on her shoulder, poked me THREE times before I told her that I'd call my husband up and have him do my IV. He nailed it in 5 seconds flat. DANG NURSES! (funny that he is one now HA HA HA!!)