Monday, November 9, 2009

A Picture Takin Girl

Since I have known the girl
(roommates in college in 2001-2002)
She has been taking pictures.

Even before she was famous for it,
she was dang good.

Holly and I convinced her it was time
for a
picture taking reunion

and flew her out from
(God Bless)

Has anything ever been more worth it?
I don't know, its up there near the top.

Good fun, good food,
Fabulous picture takin
by the
"Picture Takin Girl"

as my kids call her.

She's a busy mom of three
and wife to one Fabulous Mark,
who is in law school.

And she put it all on hold
to come out
and capture us.

She did an amazing job.

We already scheduled our next session
for May
so that the new additions will get some
picture lovin
by the picture takin girl too.

Can't wait!

Check out her blog
you will be amazed.


Angela said...

your pictures are so amazing!!! she did an unbelievable job..but i have to say, having a gorgeous family to capture helps it a bit. you guys are beautiful! i love em'

Jamie Moyer said...

Wow! These are so great! What a beautiful family you have. How smart of you to have your next appointment scheduled...I can't wait to see what the twins add to the mix:) You look so great by the way! Twins look good on you:)

ambyr said...

your header looks great!!! so what did you end up doing?!! thanks for the shout out girlie!!! you're too sweet. i CANNOT wait until I see your babies!!!!!! you better be looking for some props from the n&c to fit those twins in since I can't bring my props with me!!!!!

Sara Newton said...

WOW! You guys look great! I can't believe how great you look pregnant! WOW!

susie said...

Great pictures! Thanks for inviting me to your blog...I've loved looking at what you're up to. Congrats on the twins and good luck!!!

BBB said...

You look so smokin' in these pics!!!