Friday, November 6, 2009

I need this

little lovely

was on a new blog friend
Sophia's Blog


I want it,
but I want it so bad,
that it is approaching need.

I laughed and laughed
read it again
and laughed some more

I think
most mom's could save the world
given the right incentive

for example
a screaming child in the middle of a store,
just the right amount of head tilt
and a darling "pease mom, pease"

It would look darling in my kitchen.
Just darling.


Lacey said...

yes, yes it would! does she sell them? if she does you should get one :) by the way, you look REDICULOUSLY beautiful in that picture. WOW!

Angela said...

i laughed at this too! i love the new pic at the top too!!! did you have someone take pics? you look so beautiful! you actually reminded me of your mom when i saw it :)

Megan said...

I love the new pictures that Amber took! I still think it's so weird that you met someone from my stake at BYU. You look great! I love your hair. Tell Amber she did a fabulous job!

Ash & Jon said...

I love this too! I would like to own one! But more importantly, you look AMAZING in your family pic--your whole family does. I see some darling Christmas cards in the making!

Brittany and Johnse said...

love the new pics! very cute...Just think the next time u have family pics done there will be TWO new ones in it :) FUN!

Kristi said...

wow, wow. what STUNNING new pics of your family. and you look like a rock star! seriously.