Thursday, February 17, 2011

Puke Party... His Crib... Midnight

The kid just can't help it
He's a born cheeser

Even when
he has just woken us up at midnight
after rolling his head around

in a huge puke puddle.

He was
happy as a little clam
all through the shower
and through Ryan and I
gagging our way
through changing his bedding
and getting it all in the washer.

He immediately
starts smiling and waving

and trying to grab
anytime he sees a camera
or any kind of picture of himself.

Even when
smelling beyond all nastiness
and with puke dripping from his ears
and covering his jammies.

So glad he was enjoying himself
I seriously wanted to cry.
The only time he cried
was when I put him back in his bed
and turned off the light

Then he was seriously ticked


jessiewessie said...

Thanks for the pre-breakfast gag fest. That is seriously sick. Sorry you have a sicko again...less sorry since I feel like I'm about to get sick from this post. =)

Bernie and Doll said...


Julie said...

Sweet angel boy!

Amy Bagaso Williams said...

You know it's one cute baby when you still want to snuggle him and he's covered in puke!

riosfamily said...

Glad he felt better!! Your a brave one miss Andi!! That's why I love you!! He has the cutest little smile even covered in goo!!!

Emily said...

That is just wrong! Sick and WRONG! I'm sorry you had to deal with that at Midnight... Oh so GROSS!

Kristi said...

i think i just threw up in my mouth at little bit...:)