Monday, August 9, 2010

We didn't go AWOL, We went AMISH

I love going home.

Not to my home,
but, you know,

(No, this was not my house, but I think it is so cute, and familiar
and right around the corner from a good friends childhood home)

Driving familiar roads

Where you grew up,
where your memories of high school are
and most importantly,
where your parents are.

I wish you could add sound clips
because if I could
I would educate you
as I did my oldest son
on the glory of the Jackson 5

I'm going back to Indiana
Indiana here I come, yeah yeah
I'm going back to Indiana
Cause that is where my baby's from.
I'm going back to Indiana
Indiana here I come!

Okay Tito, you got it...

I give full credit to knowing this song
to my best gal and fellow Hoosier
Kristy K
She introduced me to the greatness of it in college
and we now CANNOT
cross the Indiana state line without it blaring.

Well, I can't,
Ryan could probably do without,
but he's with me, so...
He must love it by association.

It works that way when you are married
and/or confined in a car with someone.

We headed out on a Friday morning
because we were supposed to head out Thursday
but due to a series of unfortunate events
including a Uhaul and a hitch and a dvd screen
it was Friday.

We drove straight on through
24 hrs
which I thought was pretty dang impressive
with 5 small children.
(Check out the time on the Nav screen)

I say we
I mean Ryan,
he drove 22 of the 24 hrs,
But I was there,
and helping him to stay awake,

and dealing with wiggly babies

So it counts right?

and it was worth it to suprise the parents
by getting there in the morning instead of at night
and catching my dad
in the middle of the lawn mowing.


This was just the first day,
We got more comin folks.
Stay tuned.


Ruthykins said...

awesome! can't wait for more pictures and stories!

Jamie Moyer said...

Hey! I recognize that house!:) I'm still bummed that I didn't get to see you and meet your little family! We will definately have to plan better next time. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip.

Sara Newton said...

I wish I had known you were out here! I live 40 minutes from the Indiana state line! I love seeing Amish carriages out here. It's so conforting for some reason.

The Dayton Family said...

Holy cow you are brave driving that long with that many kids!! I admire your courage :))

StephanieTJLee said...

Aw this is an awesome blog. I love all the photosyou provided. Sounds like you had an enjoyable time :). Thank you for sharing!

Kristi said...

Hey! the kids and I just got back from Indiana! We sang the Hoosier fight song though when we crossed over the state line. Listening to Michael Jackson sounds more fun for my kids though. :) Have a great time!

Kasi said...

I must admit, I LOVE INDIANA! I may just stay here forever...or move next month. You never know with me.