Friday, July 9, 2010

Ordinary Miracle

This picture
is mind blowing to me

this is how they were
in my belly

I go back and forth between thinking
that its kinda freaky looking
and that it is a really beautiful miracle
that they are here
and that it was possible.

I mostly swing towards the miraculous side.

I also think that Brittany
(the photographer)
is miraculous
for turning
my black
chub hiding sweater,
undone hair, and almost no makeup
Into this,
which I love

My mother in law asks me constantly
"Do you feel special yet?"
"Do you feel chosen?"

The answer is a resounding
Every day

I feel constantly that my life is a miracle
not of my own making
I am grateful
and humbled
and hopeful

P.S. Pictures were taken by the fabulous Brittany
of Brittany Davis Photography
and Love Stitched


Natalie said...

what beautiful pictures! I can't wait to come up for a visit and see them.

Randi said...

so sweet.. made me cry a little.. and that song "Bella's Lullaby" was playing... it fit right in with the feeling of your post. LOVE the top picture!

Ruthykins said...

wow! those pictures are great! do twins run in either of your families?

Kristi said...

so AMAZING Andi! what a beautiful life. lots of hugs,

James and Cami said...

LOVE the pictures!! And so glad you have finally updated your blog!!

Angela said...

i love them! they are all fav is def. the one of them in the basket!