Monday, May 3, 2010

Showin' the Love

is what happens
when I leave the boys on the couch to nap
while I try to pick up the never ending pile of crap
that makes its way downstairs

I turn around
and Kenna
has "decorated" them.

They are tolerating it
in what has come to be their "normal way"

continues to sleep
laid back and chill
even with the adhesives
that are being smashed
all over his face

is not okay
with being interrupted from his normal routine
in any way
even when it is his sister declaring her
for him.

He obviously doesn't realize the sacrifice
she has made for him
by sharing her beloved pink heart stickers
so he can know she loves him.

p.s. yes, it is a Monday afternoon,
and yes Kenna is wearing her velvet Christmas dress
and yes, Collin is wearing only a diaper currently.
please just remember that i have 5 kids
6 and under
and don't judge me too harshly


Caitlin said...

That is so funny! Hopefully they aren't allergic to adhesive like you :)

Sarah Damaska said...

I DID Not notice the Christmas dress and the lack of clothes . . . I noticed Kenna's cute pigtails and Collin's adorable blonde hair and Keegan's sweet little nose and their little froggy legs! I hope you can catch little snippets of rest between all the craziness. I can't believe you have so many kids! :) Just awesome!

Ruthykins said...

he had a blanket. it's not like you left him out in the rain. and i think kenna and emmy were best friends in the premortal life. emmy has been begging for her "mrs. claus" dress for weeks. i'd let her wear it, but i can't find it.

Sara Newton said...

I think that is absolutely adorable!

Randi said...

the best mommies let their kids choose their outfits... in my opinion.. i love those sticker pictures ha ha SO cute! I need to come see the little men!

jessiewessie said...

1. Yay you're back!
2. Trust me, nobody's judging and if you need to feel better come to my house.
3. Can't wait to get together again so I can hear all about what it's like giving birth to twins.

Brittany and Johnse said...

LOVE it!!! I can't wait to see them Thursday!

Angela said...

i didn't notice that either..and i almost lost my breath as i was reminded 5 kids under 6...i'm not sure the rest of us would even have clothes on any of the kids :) lol. you look great and they are adorable!!!!! i love the stickers and i loved the pics your sister posted in last post of the boys sleeping holding hands!!

Taska said...

OMGosh! That is stinkin' hilarious!!!
Thanks for giving me a great giggly start to my day!

The Dayton Family said...

Hahahaha! That is priceless!! They are so stinkin cute Andi! I'm glad you are all doing well. Love ya!

joven said...

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{Erica} said...

too funny. my girls did the same thing to jonas. What is it with stickers and faces?

Kristi said...

Hey! I've been thinking a lot about you and wondering how life with 5 kids under the age of 6 is going? :) The twins are beautiful and i'm sure they're filled out and smiling and laughing now! I hope you guys are having a great summer.