Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Excuses Excuses

I have been basically absent from the blogging world
for the last couple of months.

I have many excuses for this.

my camera has been in the shop
and i don't like to blog with bad cell phone pictures
or no pictures.

is this.


And when you are living on the couch
Showering only every three days
(oh lets be honest, maybe every four days)
and wishing that your misery could somehow end

The creative juices
really have a hard time

when you exist to feel nauseous
and tired

I told Ryan
that I must be getting old
really old
because this was worse than I remembered
and I was not doing this again anytime soon.

Good man that he is

He pretended not to be horrified
at the state of the h0use every day

he pretended that I wasn't lazy
and that I didn't look like roadkill.

He was very supportive.

Today was our first doctor appointment

In case you can't tell
(who really can)

The joke was on us.

Thinking I was a pro,
I said,
"Is that the head, and the bum
and the umbilical cord?"

He said no,
there is one head,
and there is another head
and that line means
that they are in two different sacks
Which is very good.

There are two babies.

Its a good thing I was lying down.

and then I started to laugh

because only the week before
I had asked Caden if we should have a boy or a girl.

He said that we should have
a boy and a girl,
and we should name them
Chief and Lola.

What a kid huh?

So there are my "excuses"
for not posting.

Am I forgiven?
Since I have 2 really good reasons?

P.S. I am finally starting to feel better
so I hope to be back on the regular posting bandwagon soon.

P.P.S The printer on the ultrasound was broken
so the pictures are iphone pictures of the screen,
and we all know how I feel about those!

More to come at my 16 week appointment


Randi said...

Wow!!! Twins! How fun/intimidating??? you are definately forgiven and Congratulations!!!

Lacey said...

HOLY COW!!! Twins how exciting! Wish I lived closer so I could babysit.. hope you feel better FAST. that is no fun! but it'll be worth it :)

and yes you are most definately forgiven ;)

Jamie Moyer said...

What in the world! TWINS!!! I always thought it would be fun to have twins! Congratulations dear! Now you really will be my Marry Poppins:) This might be the best "excuse" for lack of blogging I've ever heard! Just don't leave us hanging with no pictures after the babies are here!!! That might not be as forgivable:)

Kasi said...

Oh. My. GOSH. (I wish I could think of better word than gosh) TWINS????? Congrats! I have no words. I am speechless. I'm just glad I get to watch it all unfold on your blog :)

greenolive said...

That's great Andi! What a surprise. I had morning sickness bad with my youngest and I understand what the house can get like but I only had one. I'm glad you're feeling better now. You should call Tracy Huxford for some twin advice since she's a twin pro.

Kristin said...

Congratulations!!!!!! We're about 3 weeks apart :) I'm glad you're feeling better and hopefully getting used to the idea of 2 babies! Very exciting.

kim said...

Congratulations! I am so glad you are starting to feel better. Good luck with everything. Kids and their intuition. Funny huh? or not:)

Angela said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! wow. twins..glad you are the upswing of feeling better..may be the reason it was so much worse this time. looking forward to keeping up to date on how things are coming, belly pics are a must :)

Brittany and Johnse said...

WOW TWINS!!!! congrats!! welcome to the twin club ;)

Heather said...

Yay!! That's so exciting! I hope the nausea goes away soon!

Ruthykins said...

whoa! that's awesome! i think that's great that you laughed. i would have started crying.

Jef said...

Hey cousin,

Congratulations on the twins, that should be awesome...or tiring...or both. Hope to hear more as time goes by.

ThisIsMyLife said...

oh my goodness! how exciting for you!

Kristi said...

we're stunned. we're shocked. bit i'm pretty sure we're not as stunned and shocked as you guys! what a surprise! what do Aunt Mary and Aunt Melanie think? what do your kids think? what does your Dad and Becky think? is everyone doing a jig?!? so exciting! i'm already planning gifts in my head depending on what you have...wow, go lie down and take a nap! :)

Natalie said...

I am so excited for you guys! I am so glad it is you and not me. I don't think that I could handle two at a time. I am starting to freak out that one will be here in about 3 weeks. Good thing you two are amazing parents!

ambyr said...

YAY!!!! thank you so much for calling me!! I'm SOOOOOO excited for you and can't wait to meet these 2 little nuggets!!! love you!

Ash & Jon said...

Oh my goodness gracious, Andi! You deserve to feel super duper tired and sick! I can't believe you're having twins! So exciting!

Amanda Nemelka said...

Hi Andi -- don't know if you remember me. I saw your comment on Meg's blog just now and thought I would see how you are. I can't believe you have two kids already and twins on the way!!! CONGRATS. That is craziness. Good luck with everything! Looks like you're doing well.

BBB said...

Holy crum!! Well, congratulations... I think. :)